Music Spotlight: Blair Lindsey

Until now, Blair Lindsey, a country-blues singer with a rich history and an even richer voice, has been on a healthy hiatus from the limelight. Her journey, marked by passion and persistence in the face of change, has entered a phase of rediscovery, and her return to the world of music is proving to be truly triumphant.

Raised in northwest Las Vegas by a “true cowboy” dad, and a mom who preferred the beach, Lindsey’s childhood was steeped in the rugged charm of the country lifestyle. Barrel racing and desert horseback rides with her dad were her favorite pastimes. She also loved listening to the music of Reba McEntire, The Judds, Patsy Cline, and Tanya Tucker, which would capture her heart and ultimately influence the unique sound she brings to the country blues genre today.

Lindsey’s musical odyssey began at 18 with karaoke at Gilley’s Saloon inside the former New Frontier Hotel and Casino. The original Gilley’s, equipped with a large dance floor and stage, hosted countless local bands. Occasionally the house band would help young Blair sneak back in to sing a few numbers.

“They would kick us out before the bands came on,” Blair recalls. “But the house band knew I could sing, so they would sneak me in through the kitchen sometimes.”

Blair moved to Vero Beach, Florida, in 2002 for a taste of the tropical life. While attending college she would get into modeling, scoring gigs with NASCAR and Sunoco, and working volleyball tournaments along Florida’s east coast. Around this time, Blair started mailing CDs and press kits to radio stations and organizers of local fairs and festivals. Eventually, she hired a band and began opening for national artists such as Mark Wills, Diamond Rio, Sugarland, Tracy Lawrence, Blake Shelton, and many others at country bars and dance halls, as well as Sun Fest and other big-name festivals in the Southeast. She also had recurring gigs singing the National Anthem at NY Mets and LA Dodgers baseball games, and even performed on Groundhog’s Day in Punxsutawney, PA on their local morning news!

After two years of honing her craft, Blair began to develop a local following and make waves in the country scene. Despite her success, however, she also began to feel homesick.

“My whole family was back in Vegas, and I missed them so much,” says Blair. “I flew back to visit them for a week, and I never left!”

She would officially move back to Las Vegas in 2006 and fully immerse herself in the world of modeling, doing everything from swimwear shoots to brand ambassadors and convention gigs to “atmosphere modeling” at nightclub private party events. Although she was offered singing gigs at a few lounges and clubs, they weren’t the type of gigs – with fun festival crowds and laid-back vibes – she was used to, so she turned them down.

After several years of successful modeling, Blair decided to get married and start a family.

“My family became my priority,” she shares. “I still had a desire to pursue modeling and singing, but all of that took a backseat.”

Blair and her new family made the move to Nashville last year. Although music was not the impetus behind their relocation, the path seemed to open unto her upon arrival. She decided to contact her longtime friend and Las Vegas music icon, Frankie Moreno, to help her make finished products out of the past decade and a half’s worth of songs she’d kept hidden away.

“I told Frankie that my kids were asking for some new music. They said that my CDs Nana played in the car were too old,” Blair laughs. “So, I guess I need some new material!’

Lucky for her, Moreno replied with, “When do we start?”

The partnership with Frankie Moreno led to the creation of five soul-stirring tracks, beginning with “Too Late to Change My Mind,” a sultry single worthy of catapulting her to country diva status. The tune will be accompanied by a music video set for release in early April, with plans for more singles and a full album of nine songs currently in the works.

What makes Blair Lindsey’s resurgence so remarkable is not just her undeniable talent but the journey that led her to this point. From sneaking in through the kitchen at Gilley’s to perform with the band, to opening for names like Blake Shelton, to releasing her hot new singles and appearing on a Vegas billboard, her musical path has been anything but conventional.

Blair’s music, enriched by life experiences in rodeo rings and on runway shows, resonates with authenticity and grit. Nashville, with its ever-changing landscape, serves as the perfect backdrop for her next chapter—one that began serendipitously, proving that sometimes the best paths in life are the ones we don’t see coming.

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