Nick Pomponio Hands In Every Case

Well established attorney, Nick Pomponio, prioritizes his personal interaction with each and every case that comes to his firm, Pomponio Injury Law. One-on-one VIP service is crucial to his firm’s success. “I try to be as hands on as possible. If I make a phone call as opposed to one of my employees, it makes a difference,” Pomponio explains. Although his firm has a great staff in place to assist with the day-to-day management of clients’ cases, he insists that being directly involved in every single case is absolutely necessary to conduct business the way he sees fit.

“I would love to take time off or go on longer vacations, but no matter how great my employees are, I still have to put in the work. You get what you put in. My life other than my family is encompassed in work,” he confesses. Pomponio observes that his clients’ cases settle quicker and for larger amounts with this type of approach. As he puts it, “The results speak for themselves…My presence has a big effect on my cases…When the person on the letterhead is the one doing things, it all seems to go a lot smoother.” 

Pomponio’s daily routine consists of waking up early around 4am or 5am in order to return to his office before any of his employees come in and the phones begin to ring. The quiet hours of the early morning allow him to complete certain tasks prior to the normal work day starting. He does so to avoid being torn between additional tasks during the traditional work day. The first person in and the last person out of the office, Pomponio even sacrifices his weekends to ensure his firm continues to meet his standards on how cases should be handled.

“There is a lot of my personal well-being and time that I put aside for my clients,” Pomponio admits. As Pomponio Injury Law continues to grow, Pomponio tries to be so involved that each of his clients feels as if they are his only client. Pomponio Injury Law anticipates moving into it’s new Las Vegas office in the next couple of months in order to better accommodate the growth of the firm. “When other firms grow, some attorneys try to take a step back and enjoy the fruits of their labor, but that is when some of the quality declines. You have got to put the work in. You can’t build up a business and then let it fall,” he advises.

Nick Pomponio assures,

“When someone is injured in an accident, his or her life may be turned upside down in a split second. Unfortunately, the insurance carriers, even their own insurance carrier, aren’t on their side. I can navigate these cases walking backwards and blindfolded, but for the average person, it can be overwhelming. We tell our clients to just worry about getting better and we will handle the rest. It is a lot of work on our end, but we are happy to put in the time for our clients.”

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