Wellness And Weight Loss At Revenge MD

Weight loss is a massive, billion-dollar industry that continues to grow at a phenomenal pace with new products on the market by the minute. We shop, research, and add products to our cart with as much due diligence as possible, but at some point we speculate something else seems to be missing in the equation for a total life change to occur other than reps in the gym and a few new recipes. Sandra Bledsoe, industry leader and CEO of Revenge MD featured on Forbes explains, “Weight loss is a mindset before it manifests and professional guidance helps to guarantee sustainable results.” In substance, intentional protocols and daily due diligence naturally invites positive change and doctor-lead programs, such as the weight loss sector at Revenge MD, are available to provoke outcomes better than imagined!

When it comes to wellness and weight loss, whatever we are not changing, we are choosing, which means we must no longer blindly trust the best marketed service, coach, or nutritional supplements. Instead, Bledsoe encourages those interested in wellness to focus on factual research that has been cross referenced and battle tested by health professionals. Her team of weight loss doctors are certified to fully educate clients on their specific body type including ways to safely lose the maximum amount of weight in the least amount of time all while detoxifying the body. During the first few appointments, strategies are shared regarding physical activities and nutrition that best optimize holistic health. Weight loss goals are then established by graphing, charting, and taking initial body measurements.

Soon after, clients begin recording their achievement milestones and often become surprised at how much they value them for motivational purposes, especially when the going gets tough! Clients are also given the option to supercharge efforts with a B12 vitamin shot, which is a naturally occurring compound that the body needs in order to perform at its maximum potential. Benefits of B12 injections include but are not limited to weight loss, nerve health, mental clarity, and preventing fatigue that comes with navigating an active lifestyle. As we know, life can become busy and putting ourselves first isn’t necessarily easy to do for all, however it helps to view health as our most important personal investment opposed to an expense. Perhaps getting busy creating a body we enjoy living in is the healthiest thing we can do! Afterall, if we are not making time to maintain wellness, we may be forced to fight illness.

The weight loss journey certainly takes hard work, consistency, and determination, but the great part about taking back control of the mind and body is that the same inner voice that says to “give up” can also be trained to encourage one to “keep going”. Proper nutrition and a genuine support system can always work to amplify an outcome, but it is up to the person to be stubborn about their goals, prove themselves right, and shock every single one of them!

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