Insights From A Finance Power Couple

Jay and Rony Eljaouhari are family-driven, family-focused and family-building entrepreneurs striving to help other families protect their income. Working as financial planners, broker agents and entrepreneurs, this power couple focuses on educating families in Las Vegas to optimize their financial futures.

Rony was originally born in Lebanon but raised on the East Coast, Jay was born in Venezuela before coming to the states in 1990 and they met in California where they built a family. Rony began his professional career in the auto industry working his way up from sales manager to finance manager and eventually to General Manager. Jay was doing a great job as a stay-at-home mom turning their house into a home and raising their two children, but Rony wanted to, as always, put family first, so he shifted his career to become a Development Manager for a bank.

“No matter how much money you have, you aren’t going to bring back those lost moments in time,” says Rony.  

Combining 25+ years of experience in Corporate America with a desire to grow, Jay and Rony gained a deeper understanding of the financial industry and decided to start a business together focusing on their true passion: helping families.

“Most people are not educated about finances.” Rony says, “We all know how to spend money, but we have no idea how to make it work for us. We don’t know what to do with it.” Together as  Jewel Legacy Corp, their primary goal is to help families with the financial assistance and planning they need.

“We help protect their income in case they die too soon and help secure their wealth hoping they live too long,” Jay explained. As licensed broker agents, they assist families with life insurance, investments, college funds, RothIRAs, mutual funds, annuities, senior healthcare, auto and home insurance and everything in between.

Life insurance can be a difficult thing to talk about, but Jay and Rony explain the importance of financial planning, financial services and the value they provide.

“Having life insurance won’t bring a loved one back, but it does eliminate a lot of other issues that may come in the future once that loved one in gone. It gives the time to mourn and doesn’t add the financial burden. Life insurance is inexpensive. It’s a necessity. Don’t wait until it’s too late,” Rony says. 

Through meaningful conversations, they learn about each family’s unique situation. Together with their son, a Broker/Agent at the agency, they discuss the importance of financial planning and protecting money. Jay and Rony are also passionate about helping people with the injustice of some life insurance companies. They help repair issues and put families on the right path.

The most special part about their business model? “We don’t charge for our time,” they explained. “We don’t charge to educate, but we provide a service that’s needed by everyone – and we enjoy what we do.” 

In addition to educating, helping and protecting families, Jay and Rony are actively seeking new team members. “We give the same opportunities to others who want to be a part of our agency. We go out and help them to be able to become entrepreneurs and change their lives.”

Jay and Rony cover all costs for licensing and training for their future employees, while guiding them every step of the way. It’s an opportunity to make more money and become financially free, while helping others. 

Being married and raising kids while working together has its hurdles and obstacles but the only thing they have to say in response is, “We wish we had done this sooner.” 

Rony says, “What you gain and what you learn and the feeling you get after helping somebody is unbelievable. It’s the greatest thing.” “I love this business because of the relationships we’ve built,” Jay adds. “Our clients become our family.” 

When asked for advice to fellow entrepreneurs, Rony says, “If it’s in your mind and heart, go for it. Do not allow the detours delays or distractions throw you off course. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy destination to get to.” Jay adds, “Fears kill dreams. As long as you’re living in fear you’re not living.”

When they aren’t helping families reach their financial goals, they love traveling, meditating, reading, staying fit and spending time together with their own family.

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