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Banking On The Future Of Business

George Guarini's story is one of resilience and innovation in the banking industry. After graduating from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, Guarini moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, seeking employment in both banking and retail. Opting for the former due to its better working hours, he embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead to the founding of United Business Bank. After transferring to Newport Beach, California in ...

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Zouk Nightclub Revealed

The Newest Arrival In Nightlife & Entertainment: A Look Inside The Most Anticipated Club Openings Of The Year Get ready for a strip side nightclub like no other! Yes, Resorts World’s Zouk literally sits on the edge of the famous Las Vegas strip. And, that’s just one of a long list of... continue reading.

Note From Publisher | Issue Nº17

We Win From Within Most of us have heard the saying, “We truly win, when we win from within.” If you haven’t enjoyed this concept yet, I’m excited to share it with you today. These past few months have been exceptionally challenging as we have distanced ourselves from people we... continue reading.

Cover Star: Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer is more than just a pretty face; she is a thirty-three-year-old contemporary artist, a philanthropist, UFC octagon girl, Playboy cover girl, traveler, dancer, and model. Brittney knows how to hustle, and each job she takes on helps her achieve her dreams. Growing up in Las Vegas, Palmer has... continue reading.

Rising Opera Star Natalja Sticco Shines Bright

The word “Opera” is often associated with elegance, opulence, and luxury. While all those adjectives are fair descriptors, Latvian-born Mezzo-Soprano and classical music artist Natalja Sticco encourages listeners to dig deeper into the musical genre, immersing themselves in the emotive experience. Boston-based since 2018, Natalja’s career has included many international... continue reading.

Catching Up With: Matt Finn, Fox News National Correspondent

It’s an age-old question inevitably asked as young people approach adulthood. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Lucky are those that feel drawn toward a specific career field early on. For some, that field is Journalism. Fox News National Correspondent Matt Finn falls into that category... continue reading.

The Salt Facial For Glowing Skin Is Always In

Some of us have splurged on organic skin care products and glow serums that have five-star ratings, just to find out they do not actually perform, nor meet our expectations. After feeling the disappointment of failed product after product, we often reluctantly revert back to the same skincare collection we’ve... continue reading.


Belluscious is not only the greatest portmanteau of all time, it also happens to be the name of Gen Cleary’s world-renowned production company, which, much to our benefit, is now performing at Virgin Hotels’ Élia Beach Club.  Gen Cleary founded Belluscious in Montreal, Canada (birthplace of Cirque Du Soleil) in... continue reading.

The New Face Of Profitability

– Anand K. Nair Profitability is one of the biggest items often overlooked by business owners. Most business owners spend the majority of their time working in their businesses versus on their businesses. They get stuck in the never-ending grind of putting clients, patients and customers into the business cycle, and they fail to take... continue reading.

Taking in Tequila, Mexico

– By Paul Zahn People typically think tequila is simply the main ingredient in the most ordered cocktail in the world (the margarita)however, tequila is much more than a base spirit in a cocktail: it’s a culinary, cultural and tourist destination in the Jalisco region of Mexico. The town of... continue reading.

The Best of Bali

—By Paul Zahn Known for its volcanic mountains, stunning beaches, lush rice paddies, and yoga and meditation retreats, Bali—an island province of Indonesia—is the perfect getaway to beat the winter woes and find your zen. Bali boasts the best of both worlds when it comes to tourism: a euphoric urban... continue reading.

A Doctor Engineering His Own Success: Dr. Nitin J. Engineer

– By Stacey Gualandi When Dr. Nitin J. Engineer sets his sights on something, he doesn’t blink, so that’s just what this hand-surgeon-turned-plastic surgeon did when this year’s calendar turned to 2020. In January, he opened his new plastic surgery practice—aptly named Engineered Aesthetics— in Henderson, Nev., marking his triumphant... continue reading.

Legal Elite: Steve Dimopoulos

Dimopoulos attributes his success to producing results plain and simple. The firm recovers millions monthly on behalf of its clients. Attorney Dimopoulos began his career as a corporate lawyer in his home state of Michigan. Even before going into practice, Dimopoulos showed considerable legal promise. He scored in the top... continue reading.

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