The Salt Facial For Glowing Skin Is Always In

Some of us have splurged on organic skin care products and glow serums that have five-star ratings, just to find out they do not actually perform, nor meet our expectations. After feeling the disappointment of failed product after product, we often reluctantly revert back to the same skincare collection we’ve always used because although it doesn’t provide immaculate results, the products are reliable options for the time being while we continue our quest to find a holy grail. Unfortunately, some may never find “it” because they will continue the cycle of discrediting high quality ingredients far too soon and move onto the next without ever actually assessing their skin’s ability to absorb beneficial nutrients. It turns out that garnering results to improve skin health has much more to do with maintaining professional treatments than putting complete faith in certain products. The team of experts at Revenge MD recommend giving the skin a little love and consistency with the Salt Facial, suitable for all skin types, guaranteed to detoxify clogged pores for total absorption, stimulate oxygen flow, reveal a dewy glamorous glow, and may even make the thought of slapping a social media filter over one’s authentic appearance feel sub par.

Rumor has it that we are always one facial away from a better mood, but rest assured there are so many more benefits to facials than relaxation. Facials help to smooth skin, refine pores, alleviate congestion and dryness, as well as accelerate cell turnover rate so that professional topicals can fully penetrate and take a skincare routine to noticeable next new levels. Above all, the Salt Facial triple therapy treatment optimized with organic dead sea salt is an essential, especially for first timers who are in need of  deep exfoliation and resurfacing. Exfoliation is then combined with ultrasonic positive-pressure massage technology and LED light therapy that helps calm inflammation, treat acne, reverse sun damage, and stimulate natural collagen production for a youthful, refreshed, and radiant appearance. Sandy Bledsoe, owner of Revenge MD located in Las Vegas, Nevada is passionate about helping women and men feel their best and look it too! Bledsoe shares, “It’s important for those struggling with skin issues to know that healthy skin is not an overnight process. We have seen the most amazing transformations from our regular clients who are consistent with their treatments and maintain upkeep even long after their skin becomes smooth, clear, and acne free. Our estheticians essentially retrain each person’s particular skin type to function properly over time and sometimes it takes a combination of patience, treatments and products, but what matters most on the journey is staying the course.” Bledsoe also mentions that the act of taking proper care of the skin should always be the focus, rather than covering it up, and her team couldn’t agree more.

As daydreaming about perfect skin is a valid form of visualization, it is necessary to take action and be realistic about reaching out to receive appropriate assistance needed to achieve it. Antioxidant-rich treatments and professional skill sets are absolutes in the process, instead of attempting to plump and perfect the skin with products alone. No matter what, it always helps to maintain a positive demeanor and occasionally remind ourselves that investing into glowing skin is always in- because the level of confidence that comes from steadily improving each day, rather than a quick fix that doesn’t last can not be bought.

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