Note From The Publisher | Issue Nº20

There’s sentimental energy that happens when we find ourselves back in the company of people we love, the excitement of connecting with new faces and stepping out again to familiar places. I hope none of us take these moments for granted as we’ve come to know that time is the most valuable luxury that we hold. A vibrant network of community brings true humanity back to life. Face to face, we are all better together.

We do that by bringing people together, uniting different points of view, serving our neighbors, loving those who challenge us, and always elevating the room with our presence.

Timothy Hancock Deluxe Version Magazine
Timothy Hancock: Deluxe Version Magazine

As you read Deluxe Version Magazine and as our events happen across the country, I invite each of you to find an incredible network of people who shine. Step out and be expectant for great opportunities to unfold.  For many, the connections will be instantaneous; for others, the breakthroughs will be life-changing. You get to be the difference

The power of your presence in any setting will be determined by a clear intention of how you can be a light to each interaction you make.

I hope you enjoy this issue as we celebrate some of the most passionate executives (including 50 Eggs’ founder John Kunkel), and the nightlife industry leaders at ZOUK. We also highlight game-changers like Jewel, Michael Yo, Derek Hough, Danica Patrick, Emelina Adams, and Tiffany Haddish. You’ll be inspired to discover more as you read on through our top travel destinations, luxury real estate, and stunning works in interior design!

Timothy Hancock, Publisher

[email protected]
Instagram: @TimothyHancock

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