Profound Living with Taylor King

From the island of Oahu, Hawaii, photographer and artist, Taylor King, captures landscapes to bring peace, solitude, and moments of reflection to his viewers and buyers. Now a Las Vegas resident, King has brought the same Earth centered connection he developed in the hills of the Ko’olau Mountains, to the Vegas valley. His mindset, lifestyle, and world view all start with nature and an effort to inspire those around him to appreciate it. Much of King’s work is centered around allowing the serenity of nature to move him and his audience deeply.

King paints a vivid picture,

“A beautiful sunset with rocky cliffs and waves crashing against the coast: those are moments when you step back.”

He encourages people to forego the many distractions of our modern day world to tap into a more profound way of living, even if just for a few moments.

“You take time to reflect on life and things that are bigger than you. It’s in a more positive realm… in a place of peace, bliss, and joy,”

he expresses. King captures these moments of Earth’s beauty to share with everyone in hopes to inspire more meaningful living.

“The more I can provide that and add my dose of positivity to the world, well, I’m all for it,”

he reveals.

King shares his excitement for a new photography series he is working on which entails traveling to less developed towns and villages in order to capture the beauty and the pain alike. A portion of the proceeds of his art pieces from this series will be donated to the location in need from which the pieces were captured. King wants to allocate said portions to developing schools in the corresponding locations. “The youth, they’re our future,” King explains. He expands on the importance of teaching upcoming generations what to value in life.

“I want to teach kids compassion and gratitude,”

he shares. Giving back is a priority to King and a form of artistic expression as well.

To live mindfully and purposefully can be a challenge in such a fast-paced and sensationalized world. As time continuously escapes us, King reminds us that intentional introspection and appreciation can be so vital to our quality of life. King states,

“There are enough negative things in the world that have the spotlight– not enough things to [foster] more empathy, compassion, and gratitude. I think it’s all of our duty to leave the world a better place than we found it.” 

To learn more, visit and IG profile @theking_

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