Rejuvenate and Revitalize at Sikara Medspa

Located in downtown Summerlin, Sikara Medspa offers an array of solutions for their clients to reach their aesthetic goals. Sikara describes its location as

“a sanctuary for total body renewal and aesthetic revitalization.”

The medspa offers non-invasive aesthetic solutions as well as body contouring services. One of the services Dr. Sameer Sheikh, the medspa’s medical director, suggests for those looking for facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, or sexual enhancement for both males and females is the platelet right plasma therapy (PRP).

Dr. Sheikh informs,

PRP is actually a component of your own blood.There are cells in your blood that have a lot of healing power…they’re called platelets. We isolate those platelets with a centrifuge and inject them into the body to provide healing, rejuvenation, and enhancement in that area.

This therapy is not only for those with medical issues, although it is absolutely used as an effective tool for such. The therapy can also improve aesthetic conditions and also be used for maintenance. “In the process of getting older, we lose collagen and elasticity and gain wrinkles…PRP is a good way to slow that down,” Dr. Sheikh shares. Having been in the medical field for over twenty years, he assures,

“This is a proven technique…and there have been many studies.”

If experiencing hair loss or volume loss in the face or body, PRP can halt those processes. For facial rejuvenation, Dr. Sheikh recommends microneedling with the added boost of PRP. “The micron makes tiny holes in the skin then the PRP is applied right after into your skin to promote healing and growth,” he explains. The two treatments together are best for patients who want to see more rapid and accelerated results.

 Dr. Sheikh says of PRP therapy, “It’s very well tolerated, easy, and goes by quickly.” To make patients more comfortable, a topical numbing agent can be applied to the injection sites as well as nitrous oxide can be administered. Dr. Sheikh ensures patients, “can return to work immediately…recovery can take less than a week.” He does advise, “If working out or doing any other heavy activity, I would pause that for a week or so and then resume,” following PRP therapy.

The O shot and the P shot are used to enhance sexual function and desire via PRP. Dr. Sheikh mentions,

A lot of women and men do not realize that they have a decrease in sexual function. For example, women in postpartum think they are just stressed out but they may be experiencing sexual dysfunction. Just because we get older does not mean we have to forego that portion of our lives.

To experience optimal results, patients are advised to receive PRP therapy three times four weeks apart. This allows the same areas to be targeted consistently to yield maximum improvement. Follow up treatments thereafter are optional depending on the patient’s desired effect. For a consultation on PRP, microneedling, and other non-invasive aesthetic services, contact Sikara Medspa or drop in at the Summerlin location.

To learn more, visit and @sikaramedspa

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